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Price: ( 9 days )

The north part of Mongolia is one of the main travel destinations of the country, second only to the Gobi Desert. The region is famous for huge fresh water lake, Kövsgöl, a younger sister of Russian Baikal. It’s also home to Tsaatans, disappearing descendents of ancient reindeer herders’ tribe. Less than 300 people still follow in their ancestors’ footsteps, building their life entirely around their reindeers. Tsaatans are real nomads, living in skin covered tepees and moving their camp several times a year. They stay away from the beaten track and dwell deep in taiga forest, so visiting them is a real challenge. Yet meeting them is an amazing experience worth all the effort.  

Day 1. Ulaanbaatar - Mörön - Ulaan Uul

You will fly in the morning to Mōrön, the capital city of Khuvsgul province. At the airport you will be picked up by our guide and drive to Ulaan Uul, a small village on the way to White Lake (Tsagaan Nuur).

Overnight in a small ger camp. L+D


Day 2. Ulaan Uul - White Lake

After breakfast you will drive towards White Lake. After reaching the lake you will register in local border guard office. Later you will have some free time to trek and explore the area.

Overnight in Tsaatan Community and Visitor's Center. B+L+D


Day 3. White Lake - West Taiga

After breakfast you will drive north into taiga forest. After a short drive you will switch to horses, and ride for the next 3 - 4 hours (approximately). You will finish your ride in Tsaatans' camp. Your guide will introduce you to your hosts and explain the rules and customs of the tribe.

Overnight in Tsaatans' camp. B+L+D


Day 4. Homestay with Tsaatans

Today you will have an opportunity to learn more about Tsaatan customs and daily life, as well as to go for day-trip in the taiga.

Overnight in Tsaatans' camp. B+L+D


Day 5. Tsaatan Camp - White Lake

In the morning you will ride back to White Lake. On the road you will meet your driver and switch back to car.

Overnight in Tsaatan Community and Visitor's Center. B+L+D


Day 6. White Lake - Ujig River

From White Lake you will drive first back to Ulaan Uul, and then to the banks of Ujig River where you will stay overnight with a local Mongolian family.

Overnight with a local Mongolian family. B+L+D


Day 7. Ujig River - Khatgal

After breakfast you will drive to Khatgal, a small city located on the southern tip of Lake Khösgöl. You will have time to rest at the banks of the lake.  

Overnight in a ger camp. B+L+D


Day 8. Khatgal - Mörön

Today you will drive back to Mörön.

Overnight in a hotel. B+L+D


Day 9. Mörön - Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast you will fly back to Ulaanbaatar.


Tour price:

5 persons: 990 USD pp

4 persons: 1170 USD pp

3 persons: 1260 USD pp

2 persons: 1350 USD pp

1 person: 2430 USD

The price includes:

  • English speaking guide,
  • Driver with a car and fuel,
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary,
  • Horse ride as mentioned in the itinerary,
  • Entrance fee to Khösgöl National Park,
  • Border permit,
  • Additional equipment if required (sleeping bag, mattress etc).


The price doesn't include:

  • Costs of the round way flight ticket Ulaanbaatar - Mörön,
  • Personal Insurance,
  • Personal shopping,
  • Activities, which are optional or not mentioned in the itinerary.
Due to logistic requirements, you are asked to book this trip at least one month in advance.


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