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If you love adventure and are willing to challenge yourself, then this trip is exactly what you are looking for. With our custom-made adventure tour you will have the choice of driving a car or motorcycle through extreme road conditions. During the tours you will be assisted by a group of highly experienced Mongolian guides including a doctor, a mechanic, and a cook. These trips will help you not only gain experience driving in various Mongolian terrains, but also allow you insight into the unique aspects of nomadic life. Apart from the adventure of driving, you will also have the chance to really experience Mongolia. Such opportunities include horseback and camel riding, fishing, swimming, exploring, mountain climbing, and more. This custom experience is sure to give you unforgettable memories as you experience a fading lifestyle native to Mongolian nomads. All of this while surronded by the diverse landscapes, unspoiled habitats, and rare wildlife found only in Mongolia.

Off-Road Extreme Tour:

  • Fully customized Russian SUV well known for off-road
  • Off-road motorcycle (upon request)
  • Professional service team (doctor, mechanic, and cook)
  • Accommodation in ger camps
  • Meals
  • Clean drinking water


Self-Drive Adventure:

  • Fully customized Mitsubishi Delica Van
  • Map, GPS, cell phone
  • Clean drinking water
  • Camping equipment (portable kitchen, tent, etc.)



  • Drive through the Gobi Desert
  • Visit and camp at Khuvsgul Lake


*Tours may be customized to fit your individual needs and desires. 


Although our cars are equipped for off-roading, they may break down during the tour. In case this happens, we will have a mechanic on hand to repair the vehicle as soon as possible. Remember that during the tour you will be responsible for your vehicle. We ask that you abide by the itinerary for your safety and convenience. Please refrain from risky behavior. Due to the nature of the tour, alcohol is prohibited.

*Do not use alcohol excessively the night before the tour.



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