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Price: ( 8 days )

Khentii (Mongolian: Хэнтий) is one of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia, located in the east of the country. Its capital is Öndörkhaan. The aimag is named after the Khentii Mountains. It is best known as the birthplace and likely final resting place of Temüjin (otherwise known as Genghis Khan.)

Day 1 - Ulaanbaatar – Khökh Lake

In the morning our team will meet you at your hotel and you will drive east to your first destination - Khökh Lake, a place where Temujin received the title of Chinggis Khan. On the route you will visit Chinggis Khaan Equestrian Statue. The night you will spend on the banks of the Khukh Lake.

Overnight in tent. L+D 

Approximately 200 km (70 % on the asphalt road)

Day 2 - Khökh Lake – Baldanbereeven Monastery

From the Khökh Lake area you will drive to Baldanereeven Monastery. The monastery was built in 1777 and is surrounded by four mountains, each said to resemble an animal: a lion on the east; a dragon on the south; a tiger on the west; and a Garuda on the north. At its peak Baldanereeven was one of the three largest monasteries in Mongolia and home to 1500 lamas. It was destroyed by thugs in the 1930s and by fire in the 1970s.

Overnight in tents. B+L+D

Approximately 70 km

Day 3 - Baldanbereeven Monastery – Öglögch Wall

In the morning you will drive to Rashaan Khad, a rock with numerous types of ancient rock inscriptions and drawings depicting animals, people and ancient Mongolian tribes' seals. The rock inscriptions are written in 20 different scripts such as Orkhon, Kidan, Arabic, Persian, Mongolian and Tibetan. An ancient tomb dating from BC 20000 lies near this rock and many monuments of Paleolithic Neolithic Huns and others are also found here. Later you will continue your trip to Öglögch Wall, an over 1 km long ancient wall made of red granite stone. It used to be much higher but the remaining is just a meter high now. The area is full of burial site said to be graves of Mongolian royalty.

Overnight in tents. B+L+D

Approximately 90 km

Days 4 – 5 - Dadal sum

From Uglugch Wall you will travel north across Onon River and drive to Dadal sum, where you will spend two days. Dadal is a gorgeous area, full of lakes, rivers, forests and log huts (very few people live in gers) - the reminiscent of Siberia, which is only 25km to the north. The place lies nearby the Onon - Balj National Park, extending north from the village towards Russia. In Dadal you will have a great opportunity to explore the area and try some horse riding.

Overnight in tents. B+L+D

Approximately 200 km

Day 6 - Dadal sum – Batnorov sum

Today you will leave Dadal and drive south to Batnorov, a small villige located on the way to Chinggis khot. On the way you will have a great opportunity to admire the beautiful Ulz River and hilly landscape of Khentii province.

Overnight in tents. B+L+D

Approximately 160 km

Day 7 - Batnorov sum – Chinggis khot

From Batnorov sum you will drive to Chinggis khot located at the banks of beautiful Kherlen River. You will see some of the city’s main highlights, such as Ethnography Museum , a local monastery, and a well-preserved Turkic-era balbal (stone grave marker) located 7km west of Chinggis Khot, past the airport.

Overnight in tents. B+L+D

Approximately 120 km

Day 8 - Chinggis khot – Ulaanbaatar

In the morning you will drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Our team will take you to your hotel.


The price includes:

  • Car, driver and fuel,
  • English speaking guide,
  • Meals,
  • Drinking water,
  • Entrance fees to national parks and monasteries,
  • 1 hour of horse riding.

The price doesn't include:

  • Personal shopping,
  • Insurance,
  • Alcoholic drinks,
  • Activities, which are optional or not mentioned in the itinerary.

Approximately 335 km (asphalt road)

Duration of the tour: 8 days, 7 nights

Distance: approximately 1300 km


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