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Price: ( 6 Days )

On this homestay tour, you will have the opportunity to live with nomadic families. You will spend your time understanding the nomadic life through hands-on experiences: herding animals (horses, cows, goats or sheep), cooking traditional meals, and fetching water. The host family is located in the same city as the Amarbayasgalant monastery. This monastery is home to more than 40 monks, some of them just 8 years old.

Host Family: My uncle's brother Otgonbat is kind enough to host the trip. His summer camp is located in front of the Amarbayasgalant monastery just off the banks of the Even River. He has two traditional Mongolian gers--one for his family and one for guests. He has a beautiful wife and two children who you will get to know as you stay with them.

Day 1. To Darkhan

ou will leave Ulaanbaatar in the morning and drive to the city of Darkhan. You will eat lunch there and take a short sightseeing tour. Next you will drive towards Iven Valley where the Amarbaysgalant Monastery resides. You will be met by your host family and then stay overnight in a traditional Mongolian ger.

(Lunch and Dinner)


Day 2. Amarbaysgalant Monastery

After breakfast, you will visit the monastery and meet monks. For lunch, you will go to Otgonbat's home, where his mother will treat you to a traditional nomadic meal and tea. After lunch you will go trekking near the Jaran Khashir pyramid. Back at the host family's ger, you will have a dinner with Otgonbat's family and stay overnight in a ger. 

(Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)


Day 3. Herd and Milk the Flocks

After breakfast you will learn to herd sheep and goats into a pasture with the family. You will have a short chance to enjoy the countryside, and then you will herd the sheep and goats back home. After lunch, you will have the chance to herd some more. Later in the day, you will get to milk some of the animals. You will continue to stay overnight in a ger. 

(Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)

Day 4. Make Tarag and Aaruul

After breakfast, you will learn to make tarag (home-made Mongolian yogurt. Tarag is a staple in traditional Mongolian cuisine. It is somewhat liquidy, but is not considered a drink because of its high nutritious content. For this reason, Mongolians say "eat" tarag, not "drink" tarag. Tarag is usually made of sheep or cow's milk. When made with sheep milk it becomes thicker and is compared to a liver, so it’s called "elgen" or "liver tarag". You will then learn to make aaruul. Aaruul is made from milk curds, sugar, and wild berries. The mixture is then cut into different shapes and patterns 

(Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)


Day 5. Catch a Horse

Early in the morning you will have breakfast. Then you will go out and find one of the horses to ride. You will then ride horseback to the valley of Suvraga. The ride will be about 20 km round-trip. You will have some free time while at Suvraga and after you return to explore. When you return, you will stay again in a ger. 

(Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) 

Day 6. Return to Ulaanbaatar

In the morning, you will have your last chance to explore the area. Then you will goodbye to the host family and travel back to Ulaanbaatar.

(Breakfast and Lunch)


  • Stay with a nomadic family
  • Traditional Mongolian ger accommodations
  • Nomadic meals
  • Cultural activities such as milking animals, making dairy products, and herding
  • Clean, boiled water
  • Continuous guide
  • Driver and travel

Not included:

  • Personal shopping
  • Insurance
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Activities not mentioned in the itinerary

• Visit Darkhan city, Amarbayarsgalant Monastery
• Amarbayasgalant tour including Jaran Khashir pyramid, Buddha center and temples of    Monastery
• Hiking and horse riding in pyramids village
• Visit plat of monks
• Overnight in a Mongolian yurt (4 nights)

Duration: 6 days and 5 nights
Distance: approximately 400 km one-way from Ulaanbaatar city
Accommodation: Mongolian yurt
Tour can be customized to match your needs and wishes.


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