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About Mongolia
Background Mongolia:
Mongolia is located in central part of Asia and borders with People’s Republic of China on the south and Russian Federation on the north sides.
 It has 1,564,116 square kilometers territory, is ranked 19th place in the world with territory size. Mongolia is divided into three regions from the south to the north with its natural characteristics. The gobi region,  field region and foresty region.
Gobi region:
  • Land surface is sandy and stony
  • 40 % of territory share
  • located in the southern part
  • rare and very rare animals like Mazaalai (gobi bear), saiga, takhi, wild camel, wild ass, ibex, and wild sheep and wild camel...
  • climate is hot, dry, less precipitation
Field region:
  • 30% of territory share
  • Located in the central part
  • Land surface is flat and grass land and wild animals are abundant
Forest field region:
  • 30% of territory share
  • Located in the northern part
  • High mounty, plenty of forest
  • Climate is cold, cool and dumpy.
  • Much precipitation
Governance: It has parliamentary democratic government
 Head of the state is President. Head of the government is Prime minister.
Capital: Ulaanbaatar is the capital city where the one thirds of population live. It's located in central part of the country.
Population: Mongolia has approximately 3,239,000 population and about 20 ethnic groups. Khalkh, Durvud, Buriad, Khotgoid, Sartuul, Khoshuud, Torguud, Zakhchin, Barga, Durvud, Uzemchin, Bayad, Khoton, Khazakh, Dariganga, Darkhad, Uuld, Myangad .
Majority of ethnic group is Khalkh and constitute the 82.4 percent of population.
Currency:  ? tugriks (1USD=approximately 2600 MNT) Mongolian currency is Tugrug. Currency code is MNT.
Climate: 4 seaoned it’s very hot in summer reaches +40 °C degree, very cold in winter reaches -40 °C
Religion: Shamanism and Buddhism. Shamanism is Mongolian traditional religion but now most of the Mongolians has Buddhist.
Language: Mongolian language
Mongolia is very peace country to travel and its people are hospitable. Every year many tourists come to Mongolia to see the blue sky, green steppe, wild nature, beautiful attractions and experience nomadic way of life that is survived few countries. Mongolians breed 5 main animals (sheep, goat, cow, 2 humped camel and horse).

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