White stupa ( Tsagaan suvarga)

Beautiful Mongolia



Tsagaan suvarga, 90degree of straight, consists of many colors of clay deposits. This is 65 km south west of Ulziit sum, Dundgovi province. Tsagaan suvarga is big escarpment with 200m height and 400m long. In ancient time there was a big sea in a Khevtee and Bosoo valleys of Tsagaan Suvarga. After dried up the sea this area became area with many glacis and escarpments, covered by many different sedimentary deposits. There is a cave with two doors called Khevtee and Bosoo which is home of many bats.

Tsaagan Suvarga is an interesting geological formation with various colors and some hiking trails.
This is a natural breakaway in the rugged Gobi desert in Ölziit Soum,The "white stupa" look like a ruined city if you look at them from below. From the top of the hill you get an amazing view across the countryside


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