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We are offering 4 days wonderful tour in Central part of  Mongolia. You will have the opportunity to see Mongolian 2 natural zones in short tour. (Gobi desert and Forst field area)
What you expect in this tour:
-Experiencing nomadic way of life in complex
-Natural and historical landspaces
-Art and religious creations

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Nomadic Family Tour:
4 people:    108 USD person/per day
3 people:    130 USD person/per day
2 people:    168 USD person/per day
1 person:    270 USD


Transportation and Driver
English speaking guide
Clean drinking water
Entrance fees to national parks and monasteries

Not Included:

Personal shopping
Additional Activities

To pack:      Warm clothes, additional blankets/sleeping bags, snacks to eat between meals


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DAY 1 Ulaanbaatar to Mongol nomadic
Early in the morning, your guide and driver will pick up  you from the downtown in Ulaanbaatar and drive to Mongol Nomadic tourist camp which is located  55km north west in territory of Argalant soum Tuv Province.
At this camp a nomadic program is held twice a day. The program lasts for 4 hours from 8o’clock to 12 pm in the morning and 2pm to 6 pm in the afternoon. We have to get the camp around 8am so that we are possible to participate the program.
The tourist from foreign countries eager to feel the experience of nomadic culture and lifestyle, five main kind of animals, garments, traditional dairy products and food in one place. But, there is not even herder family all of this has been done together and the lives of Mongolian herders have been dominated by the development of modern technology and this consist a different environment and is likely less attracted than their imagination. MONGOL NOMADIC program has been operating for composing the chance to feel the experience the Mongolian lifestyle and culture in one place successfully since the year of 2011. The tourists and Mongolians are interested in visiting, as well as to show the importance of cognitive and traditional nomadic cultures to their children.
  • Welcome visitors by Mongolia customs
  • Visit the Mongolian nomadic family
  • Introducing nomadic culture and lifestyle
  • Offer traditional food / tea, dairy products, airag-fermented mare’s milk and Mongolian vodka/ to guests
  • Entertaining with Morin Khuur-horse fiddle and singing Mongolian folk songs
  • Take a small feastincluding singing, dancing and playing a finger game and inviting guests for it
  • Get introduced how to breed five animals
  • Binding and milking sheep and goats inviting guests
  • Showing the processing of dairy products and vodka brewing to the guests
  • Archery
  • Playing with national games / ankle-bone / together with guests
  • Making felt with guests
  • Glazing
  • Demonstrating how to move with a typical stroller such as a cow carriage, yak cargo, a camel or a horse-cart
We will ride a horse for an hour here after lunch.
We will leave the camp around 3 pm and drive to Elsen tasarkhai sand dunes which is located in 290 km south west.
It will take approximately 4 hours. As soon as we get the nomadic family in Elsen tasarkhai we will have dinner.

Stay overnight in a guest ger of Nomadic family.
DAY 2 Elsen tasarkhai sand dune
Elsen tasarkhai sand dune area is very unique with its natural characteristics the combination of Gobi desert and forest field area.You will have the option to ride two-humped camel.
In the morning we will go to Erdenekhamba temple in Khugnu khaan Mountain. This monastery is reconstructed in 1994.
We will listen very interesting legends about Khugnu Khaan Mountain and Uvgun temple which was founded by the first Bogd lama Zanabazar.
After visiting the temples we will drive to KharKhorin which is located 80km west.
As soon as we reach the targeted destination we will visit Kharkhorin museum. You will learn our history and how was the ancient Karakorum, the capital of Mongolian Empire, in thirteenth century. After visiting the museum we will rest in ger (yurt) guest house in Kharkhorin. Your guide will cook dinner for you.
Stay overnight in a ger guest house
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
DAY 3 Kharkhorin to Ugii Lake
In the morning we will visit Erdenezuu monastery that was established on the foundation on the foundation of the ancient Karakorum in 1586. It is surrounded by 108 white stupas. You will see many cultural and historical heritages and many unique art creations here.
After visiting the museum we will drive to beautiful Ogii Lake that is located 80 km on the north of the Kharkhorin. On the way to the lake we will see Khushuu tsaidam historical land space which is directly connected to the Turkic state (6-7th centuries).
Lake Ogii has many kinds of fish and every summer many kinds of birds migrate here. You will have much time to see bird. You can do fishing. And you have a chance to optional boat trip.Ugii lake, locates on the centre of Mongolia, in the territory, of the Arkhangai province is one of the biggest lakes of Mongolia and has 27 km squire area. Average depth is 6.64m, in some sections 15.3m, coastal length is 23.5m. Delicate sand and whetstone coast, the soft wave and it is very convenient to have boat adventure. Also it is enthusiastic to swimming, having sunbath, horse and camel ridding and hiking. 
We will stay in Ugii Nuur Camp at the bank of Ugii Lake. Once you are welcomed to this camp, you will welcomed by delicious fish and other dishes, comfortable environment and warm and kind services.

DAY 4 Last day of trip we will travel around the beautiful Ugii Lake.
Around 11 o’clock we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar. This lake is located 387 kilometers far from Ulaanbaatar. We will have lunch on the way in a local café.
You will be transferred back to the downtown in Ulaanbaatar where the fantastic trip ends.

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