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Khuisiin naiman nuur has beautiful natural scenes, is located in the central part of Mongolia in the territory of Uyanga soum in Uvuirkhangai province at the height of 2800-3170 meters above the sea level. This area consists of 8 lakes that recourse of clear water and are connected under the ground by deep veins named Shireet, Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, Shanaa, Khuis, Duruu, Bayan which are among the splendid mountains of the south eastern part of the Khangai mountains. It’s considered tangible and intangible heritage which is created due to volcanic eruption in the ancient time.
It is impossible travel through this region by car and you can travel by cart, horse, yak or on foot.

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2 people: 530USD per prson  
3 people: 492 USD per person
4 people:  485 USD per person
5 people:  454 USD per person
6 people: 435 USD per person
7 people: 416 USD per person
8 people: 398 USD per person
9 people: 378 USD per person
10 plus people: 359 US per person
Included :
  • Accommodations
  • All meals
  • Driver+Patrol
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Horseback riding (as specified in itinerary)
  • Local horse guide
  • Packing yaks
  • Bottled water supply 
  • Museum entrance fees

Not included

International airfare
Personal items
Optional activity costs
Alcoholic drinks
Travel insurance

To pack warm clothes, insect repellent and sun cream


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DAY 1 Eve of the horse back tour………..- at Naiman Nuur Eco Camp
We will see Great Horse Totem complex of Mongolian people in Arvaikheer capital town, Uvurkhangai province. On the way to Naiman nuur in Uyanga we will see the museum established in the memory of the first Prime Minister of Mongolia  Namnansuren who was one of the last generation (descendant) of the Chinggis Khaan and will see Red Cliffs of Shuranga river.
We will stay overnight in “Naiman nuur” Eco Tourist camp which is located up the Shuranga River and “Maikan tolgoi” mount gap.
Day 1: “Naiman nuur” Eco Camp to Shireet Lake
At approximately 10 am, after breakfast we will pack our luggage on the track yak and  leave the camp to the horse riding destination called “Khuisiin naiman nuur” with the local horse guide. After trekking for 2 hours we will reach at the peak of Shireet kotal which is located at the height of 3000 meters above sea level and have lunch there. After lunch we will trek for 2 hours and reach the Shireet Lake which is the largest of the 8 lakes.
We will stay overnight with a nomadic family on the northern bank of the Shireet Lake.
                   This day we will travel for 4 hours and 15 kilometers.
                                                 /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/
DAY 3 Day 2 of the trip: Lake Shireet to Lake Khuis
We are starting this day trip at 10 am and leave for “ Khuis Lake”. It will take approximately 2 hours to reach Lake Khuis and on the way we will see another 4 lakes named Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, and Shanaa. We will have lunch with a Nomadic family which is located on the bank of Lake Khuis.
After lunch we will continue to travel for 2 hours to explore the rest of the lakes Khuis, Lake Duruu, Lake Bayan.
We will visit a herder family at the bank of Lake Khuis and then stay overnight there in a dedicated guest ger for Tourist.
            This we will travel for 4-5 hours and 18 kilometers.
Day 3 of the trip: Lake Khuis- Tsagaan Azarga Lake – Buurug Valley
After breakfast we will continue our trip through “Khuisiin Naiman Nuur” valley for 1 hour 30 minutes and visit a herder family in the valley of “Tsagaan Azarga”.
After having lunch with the herder family, we will continue the trip to “Buurug” Valley for 2-3 hours. On the way to “Buurug” Valley we will pass through beautiful forest, trap stone area, rivers and lakes created due to volcanic eruption. We will then stay overnight in a herder family’s guest ger dedicated for the tourist.
We will meet the driver here. The yaks and yak guides will comeback from here.
This day will travel for 5-6 hours and 25 kilometers.
/Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/
Day 4 of the trip: Buurug Valley to Orkhon waterfall
After breakfast at 10 am we leave to the Orkhon waterfall/Ulaantsutgalan.
We will go down the Buurug Valley, pass through the beautiful “Khyatruun” mount gap and reach the bank of Tsagaan lake and then we will have lunch there. After lunch for 1 hour trekking we will reach the Orkhon waterfall/ Ulaantsutgalan where the horseback tour ends. From here the horse guide and horses will come back and we will return to the camp by car.
This day we will travel for 5-6 hours.

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