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Amarbayasgalant monastery is located in valley river Iven at the foot of Burenkhaan mountain Baruunburen soum, Selenge province.It was established by decree of Manchurian king in memory of the Bogd lama Zanabazar. The construction work was started in 1727 and finished 1737. The construction of the monastery buildings are unique due to its archeological solutions. When the people build the buildings they didn’t use even one piece of nail.
During its flourishing it had 50 temples and more than 6000 monks. In modern time there are 28 temples remained since the communist purges.
There is a long and narrow valley named by the river flows through it. In summer time many nomadic families move into Iven valley along the bank of the Iven river. We will visit a young nomadic family here.

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Transportation and Driver
English speaking guide
Horse guide
Clean drinking water
Entrance fees to national parks and monasteries
Horse riding (as specified)

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Personal shopping
Additional Activities

To pack:      Warm clothes, additional blankets/sleeping bags, snacks to eat between meals


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DAY 1 Early in the morning we leave Ulaanbaatar and drive to the direction of Amarbayasgalant monastery, which is located 360 kilometers north east. It will take 7-8 hours to get the Monastery.
We will stop for lunch in Darkhan city on the way.
Stay overnight at nomadic family’s guest ger (Yurt).
Lunch/ Dinner
DAY 2 Visiting Amarbayasgalant monastery
After breakfast, we will visit the monastery and meet monks. For lunch, we will go back to the nomadic family. After lunch, we will go trekking near the Jaran Khashir stupa and Naranbulag mineral springs.
Back at the host family's ger, we will have a dinner with Otgonbat's family and stay overnight in a ger.
Breakfast /Lunch / Dinner
DAY 3 Herding sheep by horse
After breakfast we will learn how to herd sheep and goats into a pasture with the family. We will have a short chance to enjoy the countryside as we guide the sheep and goats to and from an open field. We will transport by horses.
After lunch, we will have the chance to herd some more. Later in the day, we will get to milk some of the animals. (In summer time the herders milk goats and cows)
We will continue to stay overnight in a ger.
 Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
DAY 4 Horse riding in Iven Valley
 This day we will do horse trekking through Iven valley for full day.
We will stay overnight the nomadic family’s guest ger too.
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
DAY 5 Amarbayasgalant to Ulaanbaatar
Early in the morning we will drive to Ulaanbaatar after packing our belongings and expressing gratitude for the nomadic family. You will be transferred back to the downtown in Ulaanbaatar where the fantastic trip ends.
Breakfast Lunch

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