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Enjoy cruising through Mongolia in the car of your choice (driver service not included).

Choose from Toyota Land Cruiser 80, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, Japans Delica, Koreas Starex, and our 4x4 Russian van. All trustworthy brands fit for advanture and equipped with automatic change for your comfort. Car rentals give you opportunities to lower the price of your travel and let you be the boss of your adventure. You may also share the rental cost with your friends.  Included: Wi-Fi, GPS, map, phone number, travel equipment and child seats.  We ensure your rental covers all of your needs. 

Driving Rules and Regulations in Mongolia

Before driving with your car it is important to familiarize yourself with the local traffic rules. Here are just a few tips for safer driving in Mongolia.
  • Seat belts must be worn by drivers and passengers at all times.
  • Mobile phone use is allowed only with hands-free equipment.
  • Traffic flow is on the right throughout Russia.
  • Right turns on red are not allowed unless there is signal with a green arrow.

Our employees will give you more detailed information at the time of your car rental to make sure you have an enjoyable time on the road.


Toyota Land Cruiser 100 + travel equipments 3pax

Avarage cost per a day: $100
Let's ride!

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