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Highlight Tour of Mongolia
Highlight Tour of Mongolia

Venture outside of the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, and experience Northern and Central Mongolia’s stunning vistas and endless grasslands surrounding Lake Khuvsgul, Asia’s second largest freshwater lake. On this 12-day adventure, visit ancient monasteries, hike high into the mountains, and ride horseback while learning the ropes of the nomadic lifestyle from actual nomadic families.

Aug 05
12 days
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Tsaatan Reindeer and Shamanic Tour
Tsaatan Reindeer and Shamanic Tour

With this 12 days tour you will embark for an unforgettable and rich adventure to the Darkhad Valley, west of the Huvsgul Lake. This is the land of Tsaatan people, reindeers herders, and of Shamans. During the summer, they move their camps higher in the mountains and we will have to ride horses to join them and spend some time in their camp. You will enjoy and admire the rich green steppes of the Northern regions of Mongolia, and the fresh waters of Lake Khuvsgul, Blue Pearl. And during the winter, they go down near the village and lake of Tsagaanuur.

Jul 20
12 days
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Meditation in Amarbayasgalant Monastery
Meditation in Amarbayasgalant Monastery

The Amarbayasgalant Monastery is the second largest monastery in Mongolia and is one of the few monasteries in Mongolia that has remained intact despite religious purges during the 1930s. The beauty, decorations, and construction of the monastery have made it one of the most magnificent architectural monuments in Mongolia. With our 11 days program, embark with us on a peaceful and relaxing meditating journey in a 300 years old Buddhist Monastery. On the last day of the tour, you will witness the sacred Tsam Mask Dance being organized every year by the monks of Amarbayasgalant. This is a truly unique experience that very few had the chance to take part in. INFORMATION : - Our Meditation teacher speaks English and practice sound healing and Samatha-Vipassana meditation - Our Yoga teacher is a certified Yoga instructor that teaches in an Ulaanbaatar Yoga Center. - Accomodation every night will be in the tourist camp near the Monastery. Either in private room with showers or in a traditionnal yurt. - Vegetarian food is available on demand. - Group size : 6 - 12. - This stay is subject to a minimum participant requirement for operation. We recommend contacting us before booking via our webiste.

Aug 23
12 days
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