Terms and Conditions

TTR MONGOLIA is an inbound tourism company in Mongolia. Our registered office is at: Sukhbaatar District, Baruun Selbe Street, 1st Khoroo 34th apartment 1st Floor.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Before proceeding to book a trip or experience, I hereby confirm that I have carefully read and understood all the terms and conditions outlined below. Should you have any inquiries or require further clarification regarding the information provided, kindly notify us promptly. The person who makes the reservation accepts these conditions on behalf of all participants and responsibility for all payments due.
It is crucial that you thoroughly review and comprehend the booking conditions presented herein. These conditions constitute a legally binding contract between you and Ti Ti Ar Em Co.Ltd operating under the name “TTR Mongolia”, and referenced as such in this agreement. All adventure activities' advertising and promotion are conducted under the brand name "TTR Mongolia".

Evacuation Responsibility:

Acknowledgment of Risk: TTR Mongolia, as a tour operator, conducts activities in areas where accommodation, transportation, safety, hygiene, medical facilities, and other infrastructure standards may occasionally fall below typical expectations. Please consider this when making your reservation. Our activities, especially those involving remote areas, entail risks such as injury, trauma, disease, loss of property, inconvenience, and discomfort. By booking with us, you acknowledge and accept these associated risks to the fullest extent permitted by law.
In booking with us, you affirm that your decision to participate in our activities was made after considering all relevant information provided at any given time, and you willingly assume the risks associated with the activities.
WhileTTR Mongolia is committed to providing services with care and expertise, we hold no liability for the actions of others, including guides, transportation and accommodation service providers. This includes any loss, damage, or expense (including loss of prepaid funds) that you may incur as a result of these actions. Additionally, TTR Mongolia is not responsible for customers violating laws in any area visited. Any independent arrangements made by you, not part of the TTR Monglia, are entirely at your own risk. We shall not be held liable for any loss or damage, regardless of the cause (including negligence).


Our prices are determined based on costs outlined in advertisements by TTR Mongolia. TTR Mongolia reserves the right to adjust prices until payment for your experience is completed. Dates, prices, and itineraries are subject to change and do not encompass flight costs, insurance, or personal purchases during the trip.

Approval by Trip Commander:

Throughout all activities, the decision of the trip leader, mentor, or TTR Mongolia representative holds final authority on all matters likely to affect the safety and well-being of the experience or activity. It is imperative to strictly adhere to the laws, customs, guidelines, or regulations of all visited places. Failure to comply with these may result in immediate expulsion from the experience or activity without any entitlement to a refund. Any travel arrangements thereafter will be at your own expense.

Age Restrictions:

Individuals under the age of 18 cannot independently book any activities. They must be accompanied by a responsible adult. TTR Mongolia reserves the right to refuse the participation of any minor they deem unsuitable for a specific activity.

Safety Guidelines:

TTR Mongolia and its service providers cannot be held responsible for customers failing to follow supervising personnel's instructions. Clients participating in activities, supervised or otherwise, do so at their own risk and fully acknowledge the potential risks of injury associated with such activities.

Physical Capability and Health:

Ensuring your physical and mental well-being is of utmost importance. It is your responsibility to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions that might increase your need for medical care during the experience or activity. Additionally, inform us of any conditions that could affect your behavior during the activity or impact your overall enjoyment with fellow participants. If necessary, you may be asked to provide a medical evaluation from a qualified practitioner if requested by our guides, staff at TTR Mongolia. We retain the right to cancel your reservation at our discretion and refund the amount paid by you, deducting any non-refundable costs.

Health and Fitness:

Our experiences often entail moderate physical activity, including walking, hiking, and horse riding, to reach iconic destinations. The intensity generally ranges around moderate, sometimes involving traversing rocky surfaces or terrains with high temperatures. If you have any concerns regarding the physical demands of the experience, we encourage you to discuss your apprehensions with us before confirming your booking. In certain cases where we determine that the experience may not suit your fitness level, we retain the right to cancel your reservation, refunding the paid amount after deducting any non-refundable costs.


Your satisfaction is our priority. Should you have any complaints during your experience or activity, please promptly notify the TTR Mongolia representative. They will take appropriate action to address the issue. If you find their response unsatisfactory, please convey your concerns to us in writing. We are committed to resolving the matter to the best of our ability. In the rare event that your complaint remains unresolved at the conclusion of the trip, please formally notify us in writing within 30 days of trip completion.


By participating, you grant TTR Mongolia the right to use photographs taken during your trip for advertising and promotional purposes through any chosen medium. Your consent allows us to use these images without making specific reference to you and without compensation to you.

Privacy and Data Use:

Your privacy and the security of your personal information are significant to us. Information collected is solely used to tailor our services to your preferences. We may share this information with our trusted service providers to deliver the best experience possible. However, we ensure that your data is not used for any unrelated purposes. Your personal information, including name, address, and phone number, will never be disclosed to external entities without your explicit consent, except when required by law.

Legal Compliance:

This contract is governed by the laws of Mongolia. Any disputes arising from this contract will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of Mongolia courts.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation by TTR Mongolia:

TTR Mongolia holds the right to cancel activities and will duly inform you of such cancellations. In such cases, we will refund all payments made to TTR Mongolia, deducting any non-refundable costs incurred by our club. However, under any circumstances, we will not be held responsible for any additional costs borne by you.
TTR Mongolia will not be liable for any delay, alteration, or cancellation of activities or experiences due to force majeure. Force majeure encompasses circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to adverse weather conditions, war, threat of war, riot, civil war, terrorist activities, or industrial disruptions.

Cancellation by You or Your Representative:

Cancellation of a reservation or non-participation in a trip will lead to funds being retained by TTR Mongolia as outlined below:
- Cancellation 31 days or more before the trip or the experience start date: full amount will be refunded.
- Cancellation between 30 to 8 days before the trip or the experience start date: 50% of the experience or trip price will be reserved.
- Cancellation less than 8 days before the trip or the experience start date: any amount of payment made is non-refundable and it will not be eligible for use toward any other trips.
TTR Mongolia retains the right to terminate anyone's participation in the trip at our discretion and with immediate effect.

Payment Terms

To secure a spot on the trip, you are required to make a payment of 50% or the full amount to TTR Mongolia.
The final payment of 50% of the total outstanding amount must be settled 30 days before the scheduled departure. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your booking, and a refund will not be issued.
For trips booked within a week of departure, the full amount must be paid in advance to secure a spot on the trip.

Discount Mechanism and Conditions:

- Discounts are applicable only to bookings made through the TTR Mongolia website.
- Discount offers cannot be combined with any other promotions.
- The discount must be granted before completing the purchase.
- Purchases made during the promotional period are non-refundable.
- Other terms and conditions apply.

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