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  • Accomodation every night
  • Meals as listed
  • Driver and transportation
  • English speaking guide
  • Horse riding
Not Included
  • Personal expenses
  • International flights
Tour Plan
Day 1 :

Ulaanbaatar to Kharkhorin

Day 2 :

Tsenkher hot springs

Day 3 :

Terkhiin White Lake

Day 4 :

Around the Khorgo volcano

Day 5 :

The village of Shine Ider

Day 6 :

Direction Lake Khuvsgul

Day 7 :

Explore and enjoy the lake Khuvsgul

Day 8 :

Meet Tsaatan family and reindeers

Day 9 :

Ikh Uul village

Day 10 :

Uran Togoo mountain

Day 11 :

Amarbayasgalant Monastery

Day 12 :


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Nadaam Festival & Kharkhorin Tour
Nadaam Festival & Kharkhorin Tour

Mongolia's Naadam Festival, a traditional holiday and the largest celebration in the whole country, draws visitors from around the world for sports tournaments and cultural activities. The 3-day festival features traditional Mongolian sports like wrestling, horse racing, and archery. The festival’s opening ceremony is the highlight with many shows and artistic performances. Almost everyone dresses in their most beautiful and traditional outfits known as ‘Deel’, which are created in rich colors. Even though the main event is held in Ulaanbaatar, it is celebrated all over the country. After the few days of Nadaam celebration, we will continue our tour and enjoy Mongolia's countryside. These few days towards Kharkhorin ancien capital will offer you a rich variety of landscapes, nature and wildlife. From enjoying the green steppe of the Khustai National Park and it's rich wildlife, wild deers, and the Prezwalski horses, last wild horses of Mongolia. Continuing towards the sand dunes of the Elsen Tasarkai National Park and ride camels. And visiting Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of Mongolia with its famous Erdenee Zuu Monastery. A stop by the Ogii Lake and visiting a nomadic family and camping near the lake, and we are back in Ulaanbaatar city.

9 days
Horseback and Nomadic Lifestyle Tour
Horseback and Nomadic Lifestyle Tour

Start and end in Ulaanbaatar! With the Active tour Horseback and Nomadic life combined tour, you have a 5 days tour package taking you through Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Amarbayasgalant monastery,. Horseback and Nomadic life combined tour includes accommodation, an expert guide, meals.

5 days
12 days
2 Departures On Sale
2 Pax
$2500 per person
3 Pax
$2200 per person
4+ Pax
$1900 per person

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